Starting from sake, beer then shochu, our next challenge is wine.
Especially made from Hitachino’s local specialty.
Among the rich variety of fruits grow in Ibaraki soil, we chose Yuzu and plums for our wine.

Kiuchi Yuzu Wine

Yuzu contains many vitamins and citric/amino acids, which are very good for the body. Yuzu wine is a delicious and healthy wine which is also popular internationally. Enjoy the unique wine characterized by a citrus aroma and the acidity of yuzu spreading richly in the mouth.

Category: Wine
Ingredients: Yuzu, distilled alcohol
Alcohol: 10.5%
Availability: All year round
Available size: 500ml

Kiuchi Plum Wine

A refreshing sourness from plums and slight sweetness spreads comfortably in the mouth. The mouthfeel is gentle. Fructose which is a natural sweetener made from fruits is used as a sweetener. Please try tasting it in various ways: straight, on the rocks, diluted, with soda etc.

Category: Wine
Ingredients: Plum (domestic), fructose
Alcohol: 10% or more and less than 11%
Availability: All year round
Available size: 500ml

Hitachino Cidre

A natural cidre using fresh domestic apples. For natural fermentation, these apples are not sterilized, so the yeast develops a complex, fruity and dry flavor. Please keep chilled.

Category: Wine
Ingredients: Apple (domestic)
Alcohol: 6.0%
Acidity: 6.4%
Availability: All year round
Available size: 550ml


We grow grapes in a field next to the sake brewery and produce organic wines using varieties such as Muscat Berry A · Koshu. The wine is offered only at our restaurant 'Nakaya' on the premises of our sake brewery and 'Hitachino Brewing Mito' in Mito station. You can enjoy cuisine here that has used Hitachino ingredients.